"After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb."

- Nelson Mandela








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Artist Proof Studio was set up in the spirit of Nelson Mandela’s challenge, and prides itself in including the principles of democracy, human rights, equity, fairness and social justice in its ethos and education programme. On the passing of Madiba, we pledge to uphold his legacy and values of human dignity, forgiveness, kindness, courage, tenacity, strength, honesty and integrity in our lives and actions going forward.



A Reflection by Kim Berman of Artist Proof Studio:

This poster, from a woodcut I made in 1990, the year Madiba was released from prison, was used to advertise his welcome rally in Boston. The poster lined the path and was carried by people to welcome Madiba on one of his first international stops after his release. His call to all South Africans to return home to build a new democratic South Africa was the moment that defined the possibility to set up a non-racial democratic art centre that could be open to all.


I returned to South Africa in 1991 after 7 years of living and studying in Boston, and working for the Fund for a Free South Africa (FREESA), aligned to the ANC in exile. FREESA, now called the South Africa Development Fund, was active in coordinating parts of the anti-apartheid movement and subsequently funding many grassroots projects in South Africa for the past two to three decades. Just as this woodblock was used to pay tribute to the greatest leader, Artist Proof Studio, established in 1992 uses printmaking to further the principles of democracy.





The South Africa Development Fund celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela.  A remarkable man who in the face of the greatest adversity, fought for dignity and the rights of every man and woman.



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The South Africa Development Fund (SADF) is a U.S. tax-exempt public charity directed by South Africans who have a vast knowledge of the issues in their country and strong ties to the United States. Established in 1985 by political exiles, SADF provides grants to community-based organizations committed to non-sexist, non-racial, democratic practices and which address human rights through health, education, economic development, environmental justice and democracy-building. SADF seeks to use philanthropy to promote grassroots activism aimed at providing services and resources to communities disadvantaged by decades of apartheid policies.





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